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Professional Beauticians

Our trained and qualified staff will ensure you get the five star treatment when you visit us at Jazz Hair & Beauty in Torquay. Our beauticians are all very skilled at what they do whether it's threading or waxing.

Eyebrow threading

Our professional threadist uses only organic cotton thread to give you the best possible experience. Eyebrow threading creates a look that waxing and plucking cannot match. You won't be disappointed.


We can wax any part of your body, from bikini lines to upper lips. Our beauticians will make the process as quick and painless as possible, with great results. To book an appointment at our Torquay based salon contact us.

Professional threadist

since 2003, using only

special organic thread

To book an appointment for waxing or threading call us on:

01803 269 859

female legs being waxed

Threading is an ancient art of hair removal from India. The process involves a special technique whereby cotton thread is used to remove the fine hair from the root and follicle, giving a sharp defined look. The threading technique lasts longer than waxing, is less painful and reduces hair growth.


At Jazz Hair and Beauty we only use special 100% organic thread specially imported from India, which is kinder and gentle on skin.

Waxing Price List



  Upper lip                                       £6

  Upper lip & chin                            £11

  Full face                                        £25




  Brazilian                                        £22

  Hollywood                                     £30

  Half leg, feet & toes                      £17

  Full leg, feet & toes                       £25

  Full leg, feet, toes & bikini line      £30

  Bikini line                                       £12

  Underarm                                      £9

  Forearms, hand & fingers             £14

  Full arms, hand & fingers              £19

Threading Price List

  Eyebrows                                           £10

  Upper lip                                            £6

  Chin inc lower lip                               £10

  Forehead                                           £7

  Sides of face                                     £8

  Neck                                                  £7

  Full face inc eyebrows                      £28

  Underarms                                        £15

closeup of eyebrow being threaded woman having eyebrows threaded

Super Defined Eyebrows

Our staff have been expertly trained in threading techniques to provide you with super defined eyebrows. Our methods can give you a whole new look.

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